Taking a breather....

Well this past week was interesting, after taking a short breather from the battle last week we met our main nemesis for the first time, General Tyranus, in person. We watched in amazed horror as he and Casmir traded a few blows. Upon returning to Shaydor we realized that during the fight Casmir had been poisoned. After attending to him we all stopped into a tavern, where we ran across a couple of strange black cloaked figures. Following them led us beneath the city again, and after a lengthly chase we found ourselves with nothing but a couple of illusionary decoys.

A "Ruined" Day
Goblins, goblins everywhere....

Well we followed Bane’s lead and found some small partially excavated ruins, and Goblins, seems as though the dig had found something important, and hit upon a goblin nest. We cleared out most of the small goblins but reached the ruins in time to find one of them summoned an avatar of Khurgorbaeyag (Thanks to Josiath for dropping an elephant on everyone.) After defeating the Avatar the remaining goblins fled. Farther north we found the foreman’s cabin, with a chest, locked with a riddle, after solving that we retrieved a piece of one of the statues Mioliki had tasked us with finding, along with a map to the other pieces.

Degarmo went out the back to go get the wagon only to find 2 elite goblin lieutenants, Fistrot & Rockgut. They proceeded to trash the cabin while finally being defeated by the group. Everyone collapsed after the fight from exhaustion.

RL Note: This was our first week running combat with Minis, huzzah!


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