Bane Onyxos

Lawful Neutral Charismatic Marshal


Class : Marshal

Str: 21 Dex: 16 Con: 18 Int: 18 Wis: 12 Cha: 21

AC: 30

HP: 48

BaB: 3

Fort: 15 Refl: 11 Will: 18


On the 133 day of the 500th year since the Defeat of Terranous, To whomever finds this, know that up to this day my life has not been my own. Curse my mother for bearing me, curse my fool of a father, and curse the keeper who holds me here.

140:500 DT My first week here in prison has yielded little results, the bars are strong, the other inmates idiots, and the keeper…. something is wrong with that man,

154:500 DT 3 weeks now and nothing of note, you’d think for all the work she put in, that at least Mother would come after me, I can only hope the worst has befallen her, if it hasn’t, I vow it will.

160:500 DT Wonderful, bloody wonderful, 10 minutes ago the Keeper just walks around the room, butchers half the prisoners, let’s the other half go, gave one my sword. I swear he’s a dead man for that, and I’ll make sure his soul doesn’t go someplace nice, luckily the oaf didn’t see me, do I thank mother, or curse her for that? I pray he kills Whiny Nate, he didn’t… Keeper went out the back, sounds like there’s fighting upstairs. I wonder if the guards will just slaughter the rest of us when they get down here, Hopefully they’re just as short sighted as the Keeper.

162:500 DT Well interestingly enough I’m out of prison, re-equipped and working with a rag-tag group, one of their wizards blew that Red Dragon apart, they need a leader, and I can lead. I’ll give them a week or so, if they can be trained, then perhaps they can be useful. I’ll be building my army with or without them. The storm is coming, and I’ll be the one left standing, regardless of who’s at my back, or under my feet.

Bane Onyxos

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